Etoile Filante

The title track of this album topped the charts in Djamel’s home country for months, making him as famous in Algeria. Laroussi is heavily inspired by the gnawa
 tradition but also masters all the major musical styles of the African continent and broadens his soundscape further by the inclusion of contemporary movements, funk, rap etc. His virtuoso use of string, keyboard, and percussion mirrors the broad range of genres and cultures that find their way into his music, surprising by turns. Jazzthetik’s reveiwer said “This approach to popular music could be a new style, independent of both world music stereo types and market-governed pop trends”.

Etoile Filante | N’KodoLaâfou |Mazal | Toumba | Aho | Maal Maa | Koubaily | Mani man | Hasna

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